Highly intelligent and pleasant looking, the Lombok II has the ability to ensure
the air you breathe in is constantly fresh and pleasing


Monthly Rental

RM 104

Free 5-year service


RM 3,110

Free 1-year service

Power Consumption: 72 W 
Dimension : 480 mm (W), 260 mm (D), 690 mm (H)


RBD Plasma System and Antibacterial Catalyst Filter

The Resistive Barrier Discharge (RBD) plasma and filtration system enhances the oxidation and sterilisation power, giving it the ability to decompose harmful gases such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Formaldehyde, germs and viruses

HEPA Filter

HEPA Filter inactivates more types of bacteria and viruses,
which is suitable for indoor air-conditioned environment which has bad air circulation.

Powerful Disinfection System

Negative Ion Cluster Generator
Eliminates activated oxygen and static electricity from the air.

AC Deodorising Filter
Improves the air by eliminating cigarette odours, smoke particles and other foul odours in minutes.

Rhythmic Cleaning System
The turbo-powered fan increases the airflow rate through air circulation to provide nature-like fresh air.


With its HEPA Filter & RBD Plasma the Lombok II purifies the air to ensure that your family only breathes in fresh air. 

Your Clean-Air Provider

With its HEPA Filter, the Lombok II purifies the air to ensure that your family only breathes in fresh air. Find out more at Coway Malaysia!
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