Super-capacity air purifier
equipped with the latest and most advanced technology


Monthly Rental

RM 142

Free 5-year service


RM 4,240

Free 1-year service

Power Consumption: 106 W 
Dimension : 600 mm (W), 420 mm (D), 956 mm (H)

Smart Sensors

Dust Sensor
The sensors detect indoor air pollution level based on the dust particles floating in the air.


Odour Sensor
Detects air quality level based on the gases produced by odours.

HEPA Filter

HEPA Filter inactivates more types of bacteria and viruses,
which is suitable for indoor air-conditioned environment which has bad air circulation.

Intelligent & Automated

Real-Time Airflow Speed Adjustment
Automatically adjusts airflow speed based on air quality level.


Smart A3 Saving Mode
Even during Sleep Mode, it intelligently detects dust particles, performs filtration and automatically shuts down again.

Tuba is a large-capacity air purifier that's suitable for both home & office. With its HEPA Filter system, clean air is always in reach
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